The Drinkify experience

Few days ago a friend of mine shares a –tell me what you listen to, I’ll tell you what to drink-site.  I tell Scarlett about it. She tells me to piss off (as always, she’s in the middle of something and does not give a f… about new exciting discoveries online. She used to be fun though. She used to be fun). Ok then. So I go to and type Scarlett O’Hanna. And there comes the verdict: ‘Don’t listen to Scarlett O’Hanna alone. We suggest…The Scarlett O’Hanna: 1 oz. Chilli pepper Vodka, serve neat’. Seriously? I would have bet on something better, faster, strong… sorry.  I mean I was expecting a cocktail delicate and strong at the same time, you know. And what if I want to listen to Scarlett alone eh? And what is that commanding tone about? Anyway, I decide to enter Dinosaur Jr instead and here’s something interesting: ‘Don’t listen to Dinosaur Jr. alone -see, that commanding tone again. I wonder if with friends over the music sounds better-. We suggest…THE DINOSAUR JR: 10 oz. Rum, Serve neat, stir vigorously, garnish with cocktail onions’. Oh boy. Not sure J. Mascis would have agreed with that either, a can of American beer would have been far more fair, and moreover, I can’t understand why there’s a ‘garnishing’ stage needed in the recipe.

There I had to bring myself to the conclusion that this site’s shit. All excitement had just jumped out the window. That just sounded like a status update by the way. If you have time and a surplus of faith or enthusiasm to get rid of, check :


Meantime I will help Scarlett with her bubble-wrap popping.


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