Last Belgian show of the year

Funny thing how one blinks and christmas trees pop up all over the city. Even in the dentist’s waiting room. But one definitely realizes that it’s already December-that’s when Scarlett shouts “almost” from the next room.  Ok ok, ALMOST December then. God what’s that obsession with time- when people start wearing Christmas hats in the streets. One worse than the other. More exquisite is the contemplation of the plastic Santas hanging by a rope on people’s window. The question is  how they did get there.’Hey honey, let’s buy a just-suicided-Santa for the kids, you know how much they love decorations’.

Anyway, it’s soon Christmas again.

But in the meantime tomorrow is the last 2011 show of Scarlett in Brussels before flying to Rome. And it’s a home concert. If you wonder what’s a home show like, it’s basically this. Without the dresses. And without the dancing. I feel it, you’ll love it.






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