It’s time to drink champagne and dance on the table


Not that I care that much about ‘IMPOSTOR’, I mean the album is ok I’m not saying. But finally, finally Scarlett is going to stop asking what day it is, and how many days are left and if people know that it is soon, ‘but you know like very soon, eh?’. See, I like tired Scarlett because she’s easy going, I can even bear grumpy Scarlett because all I need to do is leave her in a corner getting annoyed with everything and wait for her to get tired of moaning. Whereas impatient Scarlett makes you want to throw yourself against the wall, yesterday for instance-‘Hey it’s tomorrow, you know? Remember, the new album…?’, like I ever had an opportunity to forget about it since she came back from the studio six months ago- I’d have been better off hanging with 4 year-old triplets.

So, I am going to celebrate ‘IMPOSTOR’ today. I might go for karaoke. And have a lot of alcohol.

Ah, I can picture you from here waiting for a link or two. Don’t be lazy eh, more fun If you find it yourself.


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