Happy New Year

Allright it’s 2012, so what?

Oh yes, Belgium is now in the Guinness World Records for the longest wait for a government ever, Greece knows now its new politicians but still confuses who does what and French citizens stamp their feet, wondering what can come out of upcoming presidential elections.

None of that is really important to Scarlett, all she cared about for 2012 was recording a cover of ‘Dont mess with my man’ by Lucy Pearl.  She had made the promise to some friends. The poor bastards.  Have you seen Scarlett giving the finger and imitate any r’n’b  dancing chick? Well that was the best present she could give me to start the new year properly. At some point I had to stop her though, she wanted to apply monoi oil all over her body to make her skin shine like Lucy Pearl in the videoclip ‘otherwise how can you get into the mood you know, bitch?’. What we figured after a while is that they’re not sweating, it’s just late 90’s rain.

Happy New Year then, here’s the original and here’s the cover.


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