Here we go again with another cover: Wilco

It was almost inevitable. Two weeks after the end of the tour with Wilco a lot of wheeling and dealing was going on in Scarlett’s bling-bling studio. The only mystery was which Wilco song she had chosen to cover. See every time Scarlett decides to record a cover we run out of coffee twice as fast as usual, daily swearwords in the house increase -depends on the chosen original song as you can imagine- by at least 127% and there’s that indescribable yet annoyingly mischievous grin on her face. I know what I’m talking about because it had already happened with the previous covers. If if you’ve heard none of them pick your choice below or skip this step by watching these cool fellows here.

Be my baby by the RonettesLittle boxes by Melvina Reynolds; Freed from desire by Gala;

True love will find you in the end by Daniel JohnstonHeartbeats by The Knives;

The monster inside of me by Daniel Johnston; Twist by I AM KLOOT;

Don’t mess with my man by Lucy PearlSanta claus is coming to town by Eddie Cantor;

Fake empire by The NationalFinally by Cece PeninstonThis charming man by The Smiths

It took Scarlett almost 3 days to figure out how to cover it and 1 day to record One Sunday morning.  We’re now happy to unveil it: click on the image.


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