Make it bacon

Oscar & the wolf was playing last night in Amsterdam and invited Scarlett to feature the track ‘All we want’ like few days before in Ghent and Paris. Paradiso’s staff treated us with nice dressing rooms, a loaded fridge and big smiles and thus the day went on pretty quickly.

When dinner time came we set our heart on a little typical Dutch restaurant called Burger King somewhere near the venue. The place was more bright than the fresh food aisle of a supermarket and counted more flat screens on the walls than chairs and tables in the room, showing for our greater delight arty music videos like that song we all irreparably fell in love with: ‘Princess of China’ by Rihanna & Coldplay. Sword fighting, synchronized belly-dancing, dramatic landscapes, sexual tension, actually everything you need to get eye-raped, director Adria Petty literally pulled out all the stops ( So there we were, beguiled and happy gourmets when we found out that one of our burgers had not been bacon-pimped properly while at the counter we had approved the funny-dressed waiter’s suggestion to ‘make it bacon’. Tasteless. Even the burger itself looked disappointed. Like the little fellow did not deserve to be baconized. Of course it crossed our mind to burn the place down for revenge but we got back to the Paradiso instead as it was almost stage time for Oscar & the wolf. Debating on bacon while walking back we wondered how come a bacon-flavoured cheese had not been invented yet.

Homer Simpson should advertise it.

And then Oscar & the wolf and Scarlett O’Hanna could be sponsored and go bacon whenever they’d want.

Ah Amsterdam.


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