With hope comes the morning

That 2015 hasn’t started off well is the least we can say.

I am no Charlie. I enjoy the right not to express a view on events I always feel I know too less about to take part in debates unable to put themselves into question and where we use the same words but do not mean the same things. I always find myself with more questions than answers and today more than usual I wonder how we’ve reached this point.

On that day, January 7, I was in Athens where none of my friends and relatives have proper heating in their home. You might not believe it given the pictures we get of Greece abroad but winter bites there as well and a building that has not felt the warmth of a radiator for few years can get colder than the idea of cold a you or a me can picture. Some people spend more time in their local café or supermarket than in their house. There heating can still be afforded. I was assuming that Greek citizens searching in the garbage for food were the “just” a minor exception. I was proven wrong. You know that feeling when you’re dreaming and places or people are supposed to be the ones you know but for some reason their appearance is completely different? This is how it felt. It took me few days to process it was no dream nor optical illusion and finally grasp its reality.

Governement has brought Greeks to choose between dignity and starvation. In the city trash, they’ve stopped believing, giving up hope for it’s not filling the stomach. Yet it is a primary need, one of the few things that make you feel and look human.

‘Music’ is just music, and more generally ‘art’ is just art. It’s not meant to change the world; if anything, it can help us looking at it differently. Feeling helpless facing like everyone else today’s context, I decided to release this track. As third and probably last extract from album ROMANCE FLOATS. The least we can say is that 2015 hasn’t begun well, but if this speaks to some of you, well, that could be a re-start.