Gone for Pearls is a tribute to Japanese ‘Ama’, women free divers whose tradition and technique date back to ancient times and have been disappearing with the modern fishing industry. I first searched about their culture two years ago out of fascination for their diving technique and dedication to their tradition beyond their survival needs. […]

To all of you who have been writing and asking when you’ll hear new songs or when will the next shows be, I’m happy to say I’ve been working on a new record. You’ll know more soon and in the meantime I keep your trust and support close. I can’t wait to get my dream […]

This fall and winter I’ll be taking some time to work on what will be next, giving little updates now and then. Before that I’m happy to share with you the latest project I participated in which will be performed this Saturday during Brussels Nuit Blanche. Dancer and choregrapher Jörg Müller invited Moni Wespi to dive […]