‘I was and continue to be struck by her originality as a singer-songwriter’ 
Nels Cline (WILCO)

Under the moniker Scarlett O’Hanna, French-Greek singer-songwriter and musician Anna Muchin weaves an indie pop sound that bolsters the versatile mastery of her voice. Her new song “Precious Nothings” is the first single and title track from forthcoming album Precious Nothings‘, out April 26.

O’Hanna’s previously released single “Gone for Pearls”, albums ‘Romance Floats’ (Pop-up/Cargo, Moorworks), ‘Impostor’ and ‘Cheap Bling Bling’ (Cocoheart Records). Her collaborations have included playing as a supporting act for Wilco and Cocorosie, keys and guitar for She Keeps Bees, creating and singing with Nate Kinsella (Birthmark), Peter Silberman (The Antlers) or Sam Genders (Diagrams). She has composed, performed, advised on sound / dramaturgy in the fields of choreography, performance, the cinema, and has toured internationally.

©Camille Carbonaro

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