‘I was and continue to be struck by her originality as a singer-songwriter’ 
Nels Cline (WILCO)

In returning to familiar forms with a fresh artistic drive one only finds in chasing new horizons, Scarlett O’Hanna achieves the grace of a modern classic on Precious Nothings, harkening back to the ecstasy of peak new-wave while remaining fully rooted in her unique singer-songwriter present. Hardships and high points wrapped all in one, Precious Nothings reflects a decades worth of Scarlett’s evolution as an artist, a long-term breakthrough laid out plainly on Precious Nothings’ opening track “Unafraid”: “These are unloving times to live but / At the end of fear is a door”. Hattie Lindert

Scarlett O’Hanna is the pop moniker of French-Greek vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Muchin. After a hiatus of ten years, O’Hanna returns with new album ‘Precious Nothings’, a record fueled by alternative synth-pop songs that bolster a compelling voice.

Previous releases count single “Gone for Pearls”, albums ‘Romance Floats’ (Pop-up/Cargo, Moorworks), ‘Impostor’ and ‘Cheap Bling Bling’ (Cocoheart Records). Her collaborations have included playing as a supporting act for Wilco and Cocorosie, keys and guitar for She Keeps Bees, creating and singing with Nate Kinsella (Birthmark), Peter Silberman (The Antlers) or Sam Genders (Diagrams). She has composed, performed, advised on sound / dramaturgy in the fields of choreography, performance and the cinema.

©Yaqine Hamzaoui

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