We would like to especially thank her crew and the people who have been there to help and make of this tour a precious moment: Helene, Andy, Paul, Pieretta, Minas, Laurent, Aurore, Leo, Igor, Ellen, Albert, Janos, Ana, Serena, the Wilcos and their staff and all the people who came to the shows. ©Mauro Parma  

Really excited to announce that I’ll open WILCO’s following Eu shows 01 Mar 2012 / Groningen, NL / Oosterpoort 02 Mar 2012 / Brussels, BE / Ancienne Belgique Sold Out  03 Mar 2012 / Brussels, BE / Ancienne Belgique Sold Out 07 Mar 2012 / Zurich, CH / Volkshaus 08 Mar 2012 / Milan, IT / Alcatraz 09 Mar 2012 / Bologna, […]

Hi folks, so here we are eh, a new blog. More internet space, more links, more clicks and if we’re lucky, more drama . We decline to be responsible for the fun you might NOT have though as we are not promising you accurate news, entertainment or rainbows of joy. If your life is boring, it […]